The base erosion and profit shifting initiative (BEPS) is now entering its final stage. The OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines have recently been revised. The three tier approach has been recommended to address transfer pricing documentation (Master file, Local file and Country-by-country reporting).

More changes are coming in 2015. New transfer pricing rules are now coming into force all around the world. Implementation is taking place in every OECD country, including Canada and the United States.


Strong operational transfer pricing is more than ever required to address these heightened compliance requirements. It is time to adapt to these changes. The time has come to revise and strengthen the connection between business processes and tax compliance.

DRTP Consulting services are relevant to any business involved in international commerce. DRTP Consulting services are also relevant to accounting and legal firms which assist their clients with transfer pricing, tax treaties and other international tax matters. DRTP Consulting can help with the following tasks as it pertains to BEPS:

  • Assessment of tax risks for transfer pricing purposes
  • Management of tax risks for transfer pricing purposes
  • Master file, Local file and Country-by-Country reporting
  • Analysis, recommendations and implementation of transfer pricing policies and procedures
  • Analysis, recommendations and implementation of transfer pricing documentation
  • Economic studies and database searches
  • Tax-efficient supply chain analysis and management
  • Analysis, recommendations and implementation of value chain management
  • Relevance of advance pricing arrangements (APA)
  • Consulting on advance pricing arrangements (APA)
  • Documentation for advance pricing arrangements (APA)

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