Intellectual Property

As a natural extension of our economic and valuation expertise in transfer pricing, DRTP Consulting’s IP valuation services help enterprises establish, defend or maximize the value of their core business assets, and as a result, of their business value at large.

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DRTP Consulting provides IP valuation services in respect of the following needs:

Expert-Witness Services and Litigation Support

In the context of IP infringement litigations, we assist clients by performing infringement damage estimations and/or reasonable royalty determinations and by acting as expert witness, as required.

IP Planning and Licensing Advice

We perform IP valuations for clients who wish to sell, transfer or license their intangibles, as well as for those who want to acquire intangibles to constitute or complement their IP portfolio.  Using various recognized valuation methods, we ensure that an optimal and robust valuation is obtained. We also assist clients in maximizing the value of their IP through the design and implementation of sustainable licensing arrangements.