OECD: BEPS Webcast #5 is Now Online

BEPS Webcast #5 is available here. Some highlights:

  • Supplementary report on action #1 (digital economy) is due in 2015.
  • Hybrid mismatch arrangements final report and transitional rules and commentary expected in September 2015.
  • Report on treaty abuse (action #6) expected in September 2015 following the public consultation taking place at this time.
  • The modified nexus approach for IP regime (somehow based on the CWI rule in the USA) is moving forward.
  • Guidance on the implementation of CbC reporting for TP documentation (action #13) is expected in February 2015.
  • A public consultation is coming on action #4 (interest deductibility).
  • Work is beginning on a multilateral instrument (action #15)
  • More discussion drafts are expected in 2015 on transfer pricing, risk and recharacterization; TP and commodity transactions, profit split uses in the context of a global value chain; and effective dispute resolution.

2015 is going to be a BEPS-tacular year indeed…

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Posted by drtp On 16 December 2014