OECD: BEPS Workshop in Latin America and the Caribbean Region

As every country slowly but surely plans its answer to the new international tax rules stemming from the BEPS initiative, the OECD ensures that the wheel keeps on turning:

“On 17-18 November 2015, a new regional meeting as well as a governmental workshop on BEPS was held for the Latin America and the Caribbean region to discuss the outcomes of the BEPS Project, and the ways that the countries can explore to be involved on an equal footing in the implementation and the monitoring phase of the measures adopted.

The meeting was hosted in San José, Costa Rica, by the Ministry of Finance of Costa Rica in cooperation with the OECD, the Inter-American Center for Tax Administration (CIAT) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). The event followed the previous regional meeting that took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 21-23 October 2015 and the technical committee meeting organised in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on 11-12 November 2015.

49 participants attended the meeting and provided feedback on the delivery of the BEPS Package, as well as views on how to develop a more inclusive framework to include all interested countries on an equal footing in the monitoring and implementation phase. 16 countries were represented and the event included representatives from the Business Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC), Latindadd, the BEPS Monitoring Group and business community from the region.”

The co-chair summary of the event is available here.

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Posted by drtp On 26 November 2015